Welcome to Ashburn Lacrosse Website. Home of the Bandits. We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers to provide the children of Ashburn, Virginia the opportunity to learn and play Lacrosse, the fastest game on two feet.

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Are Middle School Teams Unique?

Many other youth sports organizations sponsor middle school programs (basketball, volleyball, wrestling, softball, etc.). 

What is the benefit of Middle School Lacrosse Teams?

The middle school program provides students at participating middle schools the opportunity to represent their school, enhance school spirit, develop camaraderie, encourage teamwork, and to further develop their lacrosse skills while developing relationships with the boys & girls they will play with in high school. 

What Leagues/Schools are participating in the Program?

Ashburn Bandits Youth Lacrosse – Belmont Ridge, Farmwell Station, and Trailside

Western Loudoun

Dulles South

How does the Middle School Program differ from House League and Travel Team Lacrosse?

The middle school lacrosse program provides interested players an opportunity to play on a more competitive level of lacrosse during the offseason but not with the full commitment of a travel program. It also provides the opportunity to represent their school, enhance school spirit, develop camaraderie, and encourage teamwork.

How will the Middle School Lacrosse Program work?

The season will last September and November.

  • About a 6 game season with single elimination playoffs.
  • 1 game per week, practices TBD per week.

All middle school boy and girl athletes (grades 6th – 8th) are eligible to try out. Older players will be given preference. Team(s) will be formed for each participating middle school from players that attend that school or are homeschooled, but live in the attendance boundary for their school. Schools may be combined if numbers do not support adequate team size. Each participating league will be responsible for managing field allocations, coach selection, team selection, practice schedules, and uniforms for the middle schools in their jurisdiction. 

What is the anticipated cost to play in the Middle School Lacrosse Program?

$150 (non-refundable*) which must be paid when registering.  This fee covers the player pinnies, along with coach's equipment and field fees. Middle school players must provide their own gear.

* If a player does not make the middle school team, the fee will be refunded in full.

Can a player simultaneously play in both Middle School teams and other programs?

Yes, but there may be times where Middle School Teams may conflict with other commitments. The leagues will work to minimize the impact of potential scheduling conflicts as much as possible. Additionally, it will be very important that each player discusses their situation with their coaches to set expectations.

How will team selection be determined?

Player selection and team size will be determined by appointed coaches and the process established by participating leagues. 

Who can I contact if I have questions not answered here?