Welcome to Ashburn Lacrosse Website. Home of the Bandits. We are a non-profit organization run by volunteers to provide the children of Ashburn, Virginia the opportunity to learn and play Lacrosse, the fastest game on two feet.

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3/25/23 8U first game of the Spring Season

by posted 03/28/2023
Inclement Weather and Cancellation Policy


    If no rain and the temperature is projected to be:

  •     Below 32 deg F, all practices are cancelled.
  •     32 deg - 40 deg, only Boys 14 & 12U and G7/8 & G5/6, all others are cancelled.
  •     Above 40 deg - practice is on!

    If there is a potential for rain/snow and the temperature is projected to be:

  •     Below 32 deg F, all practices are cancelled.
  •   32 deg - 40 deg, all practices are cancelled.
  •   40 deg - 50 deg, potentially only Boys 14U & 12U (practice time decision)
  •     Above 50 deg - Boys are on, Girls will be a practice time decision    


by posted 02/25/2023
Team Store Now Open!

by posted 02/08/2023
Rainout Information System

If PRCS closes the fields then we will not hold practices. Please download the app at Rainoutline.com 

PRCS Rainoutline.com.

Parents and Coaches can download the app iPhone /Android which will be updated by 3 pm on weekdays and 7 am on weekends. As PRCS manages a total of 425 recreation use areas (fields, diamonds, gyms, etc), you will want to mark favorites.

A video tutorial on the app can be seen here: https://youtu.be/_1PAT-b6CHs

1. Upon downloading the app parents/coaches will want to search for: "Loudoun County" or "PRCS".

2. You can then scroll through all the fields/schools listed and by tapping the star on the right select only your favorites you would like to monitor‚  Remember there are 425 (fields, diamonds, gyms, etc) so you'll want to narrow it down to your favorites.

3. We strongly suggest you favorite the following Fields:

  • Hampshire Park Field 1
  • Hampshire Park Field 2

PRCS aims to have updates by 3pm on weekdays and 7am on weekends.

If for some reason you would not like to use the app, but instead the website you will have to create an account here: https://rainoutline.com/login

1. Create a new user account (located on the right-hand side of the page)

2. You will then receive an email from Rainoutline.com to verify your email address and activate your account

3. Login into your account and in the SEARCH box type in "PRCS"

4. Select Loudoun County Parks and Recreation and SELECT your Favorites by clicking on the stars

People can receive email or text alerts, but the App is the best way to go.  The app gives the benefit of quickly checking the status whenever you need to know as opposed to alerts that are sent every time the status is updated (which could be more often than you'd like).

by posted 09/10/2018
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